woolworths“Working closely with Glen and his team at Leo Burnett we developed a strategic plan to deliver a re-invigorated Woolworths both in its representation to our external stakeholders, but more importantly to the internal Woolworths team – all 120,000 of them!!

Glen is an executive of the very highest caliber – in my career I have seen very few that would rival him for integrity, focus, enthusiasm and determination to make things happen.”

Grant O’Brien, CEO, Woolworths Ltd

leoburnett“Glen has been instrumental in growing Leo Burnett in billings in excess of $250M.

He can take much of the credit for helping to raise the profile of the agency to the point where B&T voted us Agency of the Year, and Campaign Brief voted us Creative Agency of the Year in the same period.

Glen possesses outstanding strategic skills, and excellent presentation style and unbounded enthusiasm for the task ahead, the more challenging the better.”

Stan May, Chairman, Leo Burnett, Australia

gatorade“Glen is not just an exceptional ad man but a true strategic business partner.

In all my years of working with different agencies all over the world I have not encountered an individual who demonstrates a deep understanding of the strategic challenges facing his client’s business and greatly contributing to the overall business program to address these.”

Mike Dobson, VP International Brand Equity, Gatorade Beverages

toyota“Glen is one of the best people I have worked with in terms of being a leader, strategist, decision maker and both logical and intuitive at the same time. His involvement was a pivotal part of Toyota’s success in Australia.”

Tony Kay, Planning Director, Global Lexus Planning Group

“I am very fortunate to have experienced the Brandheart Best Self Identity Method working with Glen Campbell.

The discovery of who I am: my vision, values, purpose and what makes my ‘heartbeat strongest’ was such an intriguing and uplifting journey. Each day I reinforce my ‘best self’ and that is now how I am living.

Life has certainly greatly uplifted in ways that are difficult to explain, yet it’s not a coincidence that it all started with the Brandheart Personal Branding process.

Thank you Glen – I could have never discovered any of this on my own. It is an enriching and empowering journey well worth taking…”

Vicki McLean, CEO, Sparcgap Global

Ian-Thorpes“Glen is a highly successful businessman who was a Board Director of Ian’s charity for over 10 years. But above all Glen is inspired by a dedication to the most impressive core values as a human being.

I have great admiration and respect for Glen Campbell. His character is of the highest calibre, principled, scrupulously fair and impeccably honest.”

Jeff McMullen, Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth Charity, CEO, Author, Journalist & Film Director


“I feel so grateful to have you as part of our journey – helping us and others create generational legacies! You are an awesome and talented human.”

Ivan Kaye, CEO, Business Strategies International.

“The Brandheart Personal Branding Method is something you simply cannot afford to wait one more day to do.”

You need to start now, don’t make one more decision in any aspect of your life without this fundamental filter to your reason for ‘being’, and get a clear direction on what you’re ‘doing’ each and every day.

 Glen has the cheat sheet for life. Embrace this amazing, uplifting, exciting experience as Glen shows you the actual map to the ‘path of least resistance’. Legend!

Kobi Simmat, CEO, Best Practice Certification

magnetic“The Brandheart program has given me real clarity about my brand and how best to communicate my promise.

It’s made a massive difference to my business already. 

Now I send all my clients to work with Glen first and the results he has been getting are absolutely astounding!

Glen, is without doubt a ‘magician’ at helping businesses turn themselves into powerful brands.”

Steve Brossman, CEO, Magnetic Digital Marketing

“Thanks again for today – it was one of the most enjoyable and remarkable days I’ve spent in a long time. 

To be able to take emotion and distill that into words and back again is truly incredible! When I reflect on what we did – to define the very reason for being, the feeling consumers have for the business and the responsibility we have to our customers, on a global scale, is outstanding!

I need someone like you at my side to be architect of our brand growth across countries, cultures and markets.

Thanks again Glen, I’m humbled to be able to spend time with someone as amazing as you; you have inspired and excited me beyond expression! “

Jeremy Crooks, CEO, Go! Group Australia

“Glen Campbell is the Master when it comes to Branding. You might think you know a thing or two about branding right now but I can guarantee that what you learn from Glen will increase that knowledge tenfold using his unique methodologies that get results.

I am immensely grateful for the support and insights provided by Glen when doing my Personal Brand, and the absolute clarity I now have about my Vision and Purpose. This experience was a life changer! Many thanks Glen.”

Sandra Wood, MD, Great Managers

Glen, you have been nothing short of amazing and I wanted to thank you for the great work, advice and guidance you have provided on our renewed brand strategy.

I feel that the Best Self Identity and Organisational Brand Strategy work we have completed over the past few months sets us up for future success.

There’s a lot of work to be done moving forward but I’m confident that with a solid brand strategy now by our side we will continue to grow a remarkable brand and ‘elevate the human form with unrivalled active fashion’. 

From myself and the team at BCNÜ – THANK YOU!”

Paul Zack, Founder & CEO, BCNU


“Rivkin has a combination of values and category pedigree that has helped thousands manage their wealth aspirations successfully. Up until 2012, however, any observer could have been forgiven for not understanding exactly what the pulse was that drove our brand, regardless of our own conviction.

A significant change came about when Glen Campbell from Brandheart started working with us. Glen’s Brandheart ‘magic’ helping us to develop a vision, positioning, business plan and a totally new brand design approach.

Now we envisage our future will be full of growth, enjoyment and profitability with Glen’s continued help.”

Scott Schuberg, CEO, Rivkin


2020-exchange“Glen Campbell from Brandheart has played a major role in the success of 2020 Exchange. He helped me develop my personal brand, which I found profound, and also helped develop outstanding brand strategy and business plans including our graphic identity, product development and online strategies.

Our vision and brand, from inception, has very quickly attracted some of the best and brightest CEO’s in the country and will continue to do so. Glen is also utilised as an invaluable ‘Expert Resource’ for our CEO members and has received the highest accolades at every interaction.”

David Kelynack, CEO, 2020 Exchange.

digital-nirvana“Glen’s creativity, cut-to-the-chase approach and skill as a brand creator blew me away. But beyond that, I now have clarity, confidence & direction.

I know what our business stands for, what our purpose really is and how to sum it all up in a 5 second sound bite that I’m using everyday… and it floors people. The reaction to our ‘Brandheart’ is always “Wow! How do you do that?” Which is a wonderful place to start explaining the benefits of any business to a prospect.

Does Brandheart work? Absolutely! Would I recommend it? In a heartbeat! Will it work for you? No doubt about it. 

If you want real clarity – possibly for the first time – around your business…Glen’s Brandheart program is a ‘must.”

Mike Rhodes, Director, Digital Nirvana

Latevo-logo-new“Brandheart, under the guidance of Glen Campbell, has helped us to launch globally a new Agricultural Insurance company.

We involved Glen from inception to help develop a brand vision and positioning, business name and identity and go to market plan that we feel delivered on the ‘worlds best practice’ approach we wanted to realise.

Without the powerful emotional connectivity Brandheart helped us to achieve with our clients we would have struggled to convert our promise into sales.”

Andrew Trotter, CEO, Latevo International

Greg-Alder“After 30 years of helping to build iconic brands such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Nokia and others, I did something weird. I thought about brand me, so I sought out the very best personal branding expert and I found Glen Campbell.

The Brandheart Method helped me to discover my values, personality and working style, to create a vision, to define what business I am in and what categories I service, list my attributes and benefits, uncover my purpose and finally, to describe what I offer in power packed 15 second statement – the ‘elevator pitch’ that always evokes a ‘tell me more’ response.”

Greg Alder, CEO, Greg Alder Co

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“Glen, you have left a lasting legacy at the FPA with the great work you did helping us to develop our new brand positioning…and especially what makes our heart beat the strongest, our vision – “Standing with Australians for a better financial future.”

Mark Rantall, CEO, Financial Planning Association of Australia.