Shifting Paradigms

Business leaders make decisions based on insights not information.

Glen is one of the few business speakers that moves his audiences with mind and behaviour shifting insights that will stimulate business leaders to create personal, brand building and revenue growing change.

He is a renowned speaker that deeply connects with his audiences by dynamically challenging conventional wisdom with grounded questions, simple thinking and fresh solutions that forge rapid positive change.

Based on his deep understanding of how the brain takes in, assimilates and stores information he structures and delivers his content in a way that is easy to understand, memorable and actionable.

His style is described as warm, provocative, engaging and entertaining and is wrapped in heavy doses of passion, enthusiasm and pragmatism.

Extraordinary Experience

Unlike many business speakers today Glen shares a depth and breadth of hands on experience and business stories with insights that few can rival.

He has worked in the trenches with world leading brands across four continents and provides real proof that inspires thoughtful re-evaluation, analysis and positive action.

His views and insights are reinforced and validated with colourful ‘real world’ case studies and memorable stories drawn from a vast array of brands and categories across the world.

Business Leaders that attend Glen’s events are moved to deeper contemplation and more effective action given the thrilling possibilities he reveals for their personal and organisational brands.

Few people walk away from Glen’s presentations thinking the same way about what a brand is and how to turn their business into a brand.

Acclaimed Track Record

Over the last 20 years Glen has addressed audiences that comprise business leaders of large and small to medium enterprise and entrepreneurs of all kinds across four continents.

In that time he has profoundly shifted the way many leaders view what a brand is, and the true role marketing and communications plays in building remarkable brands.


Glen was asked to speak at the CAPA Conference (Over 1,100 CPA and Chartered Accountants attended) in Brisbane. Given how that was received the CPA New South Wales and Victorian Congresses asked Glen to speak at their events.

The response was outstanding so The CPA asked Glen to conduct a national webinar on branding for over 900 accountants – it received one of their highest ratings ever.

20 20 exchange

For over two years Glen has Chaired two Consortia of 12 CEO’s and has lead discussions on personal and organisational branding with 2020 Exchange members. He is rated as the best they have experienced. Many call on Glen to address their teams and undertake brand development for them.

Understand the true nature and role of branding.


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“Glen is one of our most popular speakers and is also an outstanding Consortia Chair of two groups of 12 CEO’s. His compelling style and content stimulates new thinking and actions.”

David Kelynack, CEO, 2020 Exchange