Best Self Identity

“Glen’s Best Self Identity Method is unrivalled!  He is without doubt a world authority in helping business leaders to discover their true life purpose and identity – a transforming experience.”

Dr Nic Lucas, CEO, Kewlify & ScaledX

Uncertainty Dominates

The leader has the greatest influence over their team. They have a responsibility to ignite passion and inspire them to harmoniously and effectively pursue the organisation’s vision.

Leaders with no sense of their personal ‘why’ and without a strong awareness of their best self identity tend to default to the ‘command & control’ leadership style and cause uncertainty, insecurity and stress, even dissonance through inconsistent or uncertain actions.

They struggle to emotionally connect with people and this dramatically affects the culture and it’s ability to keep the promises the leader makes every time.

Right now leaders struggling with uncertainty and insecurity contribute to around 40% of employees in Australia suffering workplace stress and loss of productivity.

The cost to the Australian economy is massive and estimated at $100Bpa.

Get Clarity & Focus

Leaders that have taken the time to develop their ‘Best Self Identity’ using the right method consistently outperform all others.

These rare few enjoy ‘unwavering internal certainty’ and single-mindedness and accordingly are equipped to forge cultures and outcomes that are congruent with their intentions.

Unlike most they enjoy a state of clarity, focus and positivity and accordingly view uncertainty, insecurity and fear as the illusions they are. These leaders turn commodity based businesses into visionary enterprises…remarkable brands that lead categories by adding meaningful value and compelling emotional experiences to the people they serve.

An Unrivalled Method


The Brandheart Best Self Identity Method for leaders has no equal globally. (Review the video)

While many others offer very poor alternatives that focus on perceived image and personality profiles or archetypes which categorise you as one of many, we help you to discover your true life purpose – your unique ‘why, what & who’.

This significantly increases self-awareness and self control – two of the fundamental tenets of remarkable leaders.

To do this we utilise a unique and simplified fusion of the most effective brand identity methods, empirical leadership research, eastern and western philosophy, Quantum Theory, Neuroscience and over 30 years of brand building experience.

This unrivalled and highly effective approach evokes a state of ‘whole brain alignment’ around your Best Self Identity and goals – something very few leaders know how to do or enjoy.

Glen is renowned as a world leading authority in helping business leaders to develop self awareness and self management. He has worked one-on-one with over a 250 Chief Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and the results are nothing less than transformational. Leaders share their experience.

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“Working to identify your best self in the Brandheart way is a brilliant blend of science and emotion that has provided clarity to my purpose and how I can fulfil this each and every day.”

Derick Borean, Group CEO, Altius Group