Glen Campbell, Founder and Chief Executive, Brandheart


After 30 years working in leading brand and communications companies across 4 continents on many renowned brands Glen founded Brandheart 10 years ago.

At the inception he developed, and has been refining ever since, a unique and proven method that is ‘para-disciplinary’ in nature – it enables leaders and entrepreneurs to rise out of the complexity and chaos caused by unrelenting and rapid change, and get real clarity, focus and conscious success flow.

It harmoniously blends the latest in empirical leadership research, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, eastern and western philosophy, a unique identity model, and over 30 years of experience developing world leading brands.

This method, already undertaken with Glen by hundreds of CEO’s worldwide, best helps leaders get crystal clear about their unique ‘why, who and what’ enabling them to achieve a state of ‘unwavering internal certainty’​ which dramatically improves their resonating influence and success personally, for their organisation, and for eveybody’s lives they touch.

And while this method will not replace skills training it will be the dynamic foundation that will make that training vastly more effective.

Glen’s profound and unique views on what constitutes a great leader, and a great brand, matched with his unique and highly effective Brandheart Methods make him a rarity in the world of leadership development. Those that have worked with him will attest to this without reservation.

Glen started out with degrees in Marketing and Psychology. For more than 15 of his 27 year career in branding and strategic communications he has held senior management, Board Director and four Chief Executive positions at some the world’s foremost strategic brand development companies including Clemenger/BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Love Communications and IdeaWorks.

There is no aspect of branding, marketing, business planning or communications that Glen hasn’t studied, torn apart and reconstructed from scratch…and that was also the case with many client’s organisations.

Barker Campbell & Associates

Glen bravely started his own agency, Barker Campbell & Associates straight out of university and over a period of 5 years the company secured over 15 small to medium accounts and was awarded full media accreditation after just 3 years.

Clemenger, Brisbane

Glen sold his share in Barker Campbell and joined Clemenger Brisbane as an Account Director for 5 years. There he led the brand and communications work on BTQ Channel 7, Inghams Chicken, Mercedes-Benz, and Metway Bank. With only 35 people this agency was doing some of the best work in these categories in the world.

Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney

Glen looked to play in a bigger game and secured a Group Account Director role at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney working on Toyota, Time Magazine and Castlemaine Perkins Brewery. At that time Saatchi was one of the top agencies on the planet and twice Agency of the Year in Australia. It was in his time working on Toyota that it moved from No3 to No1 in motor vehicle sales, a massive contributor to this amazing feat was the breakthrough strategic thinking and world leading creative from the agency.

Leo Burnett, Sydney & Adelaide

After 4 years with Saatchi Glen was recruited by Leo Burnett Sydney, Australia’s leading fully integrated ad agency at the time. After just 6 months Glen was elevated to a seat on the national Board overseeing the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide offices.

Glen had various roles over his 8-year tenure at Burnett including Management Supervisor, Account Management Director and National Business Development Director. He also took on the role of Chief Executive of the Adelaide office for two years where he lead the agency from red to black with a revenue turnaround of $1.5M in just 18 months. Significant for such a small market.

During his time at Leo Burnett Glen led the strategy and campaign development on key accounts like Woolworths Supermarkets, The Australian Rugby Union, Gatorade, Subaru and several United Distillers brands including developing the first animatronic bear campaign for Bundaberg Rum. This culminated in the Sydney office being awarded Agency of the Year for Ad News and Campaign Brief and Global Leo Burnett Agency of the Year.

CEO Roles

Over the next decade Glen moved into Chief Executive roles with Healthe Inc, a global health and wellness portal, Love Communications, a strategic communications and creative boutique and IdeaWorks, at the time Australia’s leading retail agency.

In that time he personally has led world-class teams developing brand strategy and business planning and creating communications for Breville, RSVP,, Challenger Financial Services, The Australian Financial Review, Citibank, The NSW Minerals Council, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Star Casino, Big W and The Climate Institute.  Of course he supervised the success of many other accounts in a vast array of categories.

Enter Brandheart

Ten years ago Glen founded Brandheart and developed unrivalled methodologies that best help leaders and entrepreneurs to develop their Best Self Identity (aka Personal Brand), their Organisational Brand Identity and market connection plans.

And just importantly Glen then ideally coaches key team members to align with the brand and establish cultural behaviours that best enable them to keep the brand promise and achieve commercial objectives.

The Brandheart promise is simple but profound: Brandheart is the light that awakens leaders to be remarkable.

Best Self Identity Method: Glen’s unique and proven ‘para-disciplinary’ method best enables business leaders & entrepreneurs to overcome confusion, uncertainty, insecurity and fear caused by the unrelenting and dynamic speed of change and the overwhelming complexity experienced as a result. 

It harmoniously blends the latest in empirical leadership research, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, eastern and western philosophy, a unique identity model, and over 30 years of experience developing world leading brands.

Up to the present Glen has worked one-on-one with over 250 CEO’s, business leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and athletes to discover authentic clarity, focus and direction in their own life, their life’s purpose, and the results have been nothing short of transformational in business, and life. Find out more by reading Glen’s Best Self Identity Manifesto.

Organisational Branding: Equally his approach to developing Organisational Brands is unrivalled. He has personally led the brand positioning, strategy and business planning for companies such as Rivkin Financial Services, Position Partners, Sparcgap Global, Espavita, Camco Mining Australia, Superhuman International, Generate Financial Services, BPW Transpec, AgStraight, Latevo International, The Financial Planning Association of Australia, Pulse Australasia, ExciteIT, BCNU Men’s Utility Wear, Business Strategies International, Uncommon Cord Event Management, Ubiquity Power Management Group, The Exit Strategy Group, GVG Property Group, KidsXpress, 2020 Exchange, Honest to Goodness, Aurify Constructions and many others.

Cultural Alignment: Over the last 5 years Glen has been called upon to help companies optimise performance through cultural alignment coaching. Companies like Ubisoft Australia, Curve Securities and BPW Transpec have undertaken the unique approach Glen takes in elevating performance through collective conscious flow.

Unique Experience

Over the last 30 years Glen has worked with hundreds of Chief Executives, entrepreneurs and their organisations across four continents. Glen also has over 17 years of martial arts training with Zen Do Kai Karate where he reached the level of Sensei (Third Dan Black Belt) further elevating his physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness making him a rarely in the world of conscious leadership development.

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