“Glen is an executive of the very highest caliber – in my career I have seen very few that would rival him for integrity, focus, enthusiasm and determination to make things happen.”

Grant O’Brien, CEO, Woolworths Ltd

Our Promise

The Brandheart promise is ‘To create remarkable brands through the magic of emotional connectivity’.

Brandheart founder Glen Campbell does this by wrapping his immense experience, insights and imagination around his unique, simple and highly effective ‘Brandheart Method’.

Brand Building Secrets

Over the course of his 25 year career Glen spent the last decade in Chief Executive roles at some of the world’s leading brand strategy development and communications companies.

In that time he played a pivotal role in helping a significant number of businesses in a vast array of industries to become remarkable brands.

He also helped to elevate to ‘superbrand’ status many established brands like Woolworths Supermarkets, Bundaberg Rum, The Climate Institute, Gatorade and Toyota.

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Outstanding Results

Glen brings an invaluable ‘magic’ to the process of leadership identity, brand identity and strategy and market connection strategies.

He is renowned for providing business leaders and entrepreneurs with insights and wisdom so they are equipped to forge new levels of sustained success leaving their competitors in their wake.

His uncommon abilities make him an essential ally for any business leader looking to increase their personal and organisational brand power and accelerate opportunities for sustainable growth.

He has applied his abilities to many now famous Australian and global brands including …

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World Leading Approach

Glen’s ‘Brandheart Method’ is simple and highly effective in developing and evolving leadership and organisational identity so you can leapfrog competitors in a market characterised by broken promises and disappointment.

This proven method most effectively alleviates the frustration leaders are experiencing with self awareness, clarity and focus and dramatically improves their ability to treat confusion, uncertainty, insecurity and fear as the illusions they are.

Glen enthusiastically works with a small, select group of courageous business leaders who are ready to challenge the paradigms we all know are broken.

To find out more start by reading Glen’s Best Self Identity Manifesto.

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“Glen is one of the best people I have worked with in terms of being a leader, strategist, decision maker and both logical and intuitive at the same time.”

Tony Kay, Planning Director, Global Lexus Planning Group