Organisational Branding

Glen’s Brandheart ‘magic’ helped us to develop a totally new brand design approach providing a path of growth, enjoyment and profitability.”

Scott Schuberg, CEO, Rivkin

A Unique Method

The Brandheart Method is a simple and unique fusion of the leader’s best self identity and the organisational identity, along with market connection strategies that illicit compelling positive emotional connections at every touchpoint.

In a world where uncertainty is the ‘new normal’ Brandheart enables courageous business leaders to shift the paradigms back to what actually builds brand reputation, connection and revenue rapidly and to expose uncertainty as an illusion.

Business leaders everywhere are looking to get straight answers, insights and simple solutions that build cultures that are equipped to deliver on their promises every single time…and that’s exactly what Brandheart delivers!

Increase Trust & Revenue

The Brandheart Method, refined over decades, coach’s business leaders through a simple but comprehensive ‘three-step process’.

Effectively the Brandheart Method works to deepen brand connection in a way that consistently surprises and delights both employees and customers – this serves to engender greater attraction, trust and loyalty for employees and customers.

Increased productivity, revenue and margins are a natural by-product.


Process Personal Branding

Fed Up with Pretenders?

The Brandheart Method isn’t something you will find in any textbook, online, from advertising agencies or in any MBA curriculums.

You won’t even find it in PhD programs. It’s an unrivalled distillation of over 70,000 hours of local and global brand building experience. (View Video)

Experience that helped forge a ‘magical’ methodology that is generously wrapped in deep insights, wisdom, intuition, imagination, creativity and practicality.

If you’re fed up listening to platitudes, jargon and false promises from ‘so called’ marketing experts who destroy businesses with margin cutting campaigns, then stop listening and exit them.

If you want to create your Leadership Best Self Identity and Organisational Identity in a way that deeply connects with your employees and customers alike then now is the time to act while the rest continue to talk and wonder.

Outcomes that Stimulate Success

By undertaking The Brandheart Method you will commence the crucial journey of rapidly turning your business into a remarkable brand that leads categories and leaves competitors in their wake.

The outcomes are significant…

  • Real and usable insights into your market drivers and connectors
  • A leadership edge with your ‘Best Self Identity’ and resonating leadership style (Find out more by reading Glen’s Best Self Identity Manifesto)
  • Laser focused clarity and differentiation around a compelling and inspiring vision, brand positioning and brand promise
  • Cultural drivers that engender employee alignment equipping them to deliver on your promises and elevating happiness and productivity
  • Potent market engagement strategies that, in harmony, will attract and delight more customers more often who will pay more and stay loyal
  • A highly experienced brand coach who will ensure planning excellence translates to market connection excellence.

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